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Our Objectives

  1. Bust Out Promotions is committed to making a superior totally washable reusable alternative product to help “Protect Our Planet” by reducing the amount of disposable paper waste by millions of tons each year.
  2. Bust Out Promotions is committed to manufacturing all our products from start to finish in the United States of America.. When we say, “Made in the U.S.A.”, we mean U.S.A. all the way!
  3. Bust Out Promotions is committed to serving our customers in every way to make the change to an extremely cost effective, visually engaging alternative.

Bust Out Promotions

Bust Out Promotions is an innovative, exciting company founded with the express initial goal of developing, manufacturing, selling and distributing the MUG RUG. While it is the immediate goal to replace beverage napkins and cardboard coasters with an environmentally responsible alternative, Bust Out’s long term mission will always be to bring innovative, fun products to the market.

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Susan Gallo

Susan Gallo


Susan Gallo’s career reflects her multi-faceted interests and her commitment to high standards of performance. She began her career at the age of 16 singing “hold the pickles, hold the lettuce” for hungry customers while flipping burgers for Burger King. Making the President’s List each semester at the University of Michigan, Susan spent summers performing vaudeville and melodramas at the Old Opera House in Jones, MI. Susan found time to teach English in Bogotá, Colombia while doing Foreign Study through Kalamazoo College where she became fluent in Spanish and received her Bachelors degree. Upon graduating, she moved to the NY metropolitan area where she accepted the position of Vice President of a real estate property development and management firm. In her spare time, Susan enjoyed managing an Indy racecar team. Susan attended the State University of New York at Albany where she graduated summa cum laude with her Masters of Science degree. She then accepted the position of Director of the English Language School on the campus of the College of St. Rose. She also owned and operated the Waterfall Art Gallery, N.Y. She received a full scholarship from the State of Florida and the Embassy of Spain to study at the University of Salamanca. Susan was then voted “Teacher of the Year” by her colleagues. So how do Mug Rugs fit into Susan’s career, you may ask. Because Mug Rugs are new, exciting and something she believes in! It is now Susan’s goal to replace the use of beverage paper napkin and contaminated cardboard coaster products with our green Mug Rug products. “Ole!”

Mike Meier

Mike Meier

Director of Creative Development

Mike Meier started his career in the beverage industry at the age of fourteen, sweeping up soggy beverage napkins from the floor of his families campus tavern. His family has owned taverns, bars, restaurants, country clubs, and distributorships. Mike studied art at M.A.T.C. At the age of 26 went on to become an Executive Food and Beverage Manager for Hilton International Hotels. For the past 35 years, he has been searching for the perfect replacement for paper napkins and cardboard coasters. In 1992, the first MUG RUG was invented, trademarked and patented by Mike. Since then he has honed his new drink coaster idea into the perfect replacement for paper napkins and drink coasters. Needless to say… Mike’s goal is to never see another beverage napkin or cardboard coaster again.

Mike Meier

Greg Leas

President of Legal Affairs

Gregg was a legal assistant at the New York office of Fried, Frank, Harris, Shriver & Jacobson in the late 1980’s and received his law degree in 1990 from Brooklyn Law School. For the past 15 years he has been a member in good standing of the Wisconsin Bar Association. His areas of expertise include Contract Law, Real Estate and Securities Law, as well as the preparation of all legal documents for Bust Out Promotions LLC, and its subsidiaries. Gregg holds several securities licenses, including the Series 24, 7, 63 and 22 and he is registered with the National Association of Securities Dealers. Prior to forming Bust Out Promotions LLC, Gregg was an officer of a Milwaukee based real estate syndication firm from 1990-2002 and actively participated in the management of the company and all affiliates. Mr. Leas is a 1983 graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where he tended bar for Mike Meier for four years. If Gregg had his way, he would make using paper napkins and cardboard coasters a criminal offense.

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